Why me?

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I'am am looking for an internship or job here in Europe, so I would like to talk about my professional experience and expectations.

Why me?

I would like to work in an important  company or institution here in Europe because for me  the EU is the biggest representation of organization and democracy. It is the example of how things that, since the beginning,are well done, and well structured  would bring positive results with the pass of the time. And that is the reason, why the whole world countries take the European Union and its Institutions as an example of integration and development.

Furthermore, I believe that doing my internship here would proportion me extremely important skills to carry out a job in any environment and field in the future. Also, I would implement and enhance my interpersonal, administrative and technical skills, as well as obtain more professional experience. For instance, I would learn from everyone who works here, and not just because of their experience but also because of their high level qualifications, and this is an invaluable occasion that not everyone can achieve.

Besides, other of my expectations is that with the knowledge and acquired experiences, later one, I would might be able to contribute with the development of countries like mine, I visualize me as someone who is in a period of apprenticeship that probably will begin by doing simple things that further will help me to be able to lead me to do more complicated tasks. Plus, I consider that if I want to be a good trainee it is vital to contribute with my point of view of and knowledge that always must be accompanied by my dynamism and motivation for working here.

Nathali Ayala J.


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